Bring the benefits of a multi-cloud workload platform to your on-premises business with vSphere+ from VMware.

Enhance on-premises business data centres by empowering IT admins, developer teams and decision-makers with high-value cloud services to easily build, run, manage, and secure, traditional and next-gen applications.

Modern organisations need modern solutions

Requirements for geographically distributed on-prem and cloud footprints

Efficient Operations

Enhance visibility and control

Address security gaps

Streamline maintenance

Rapid Innovation

Accelerate time-to-market

Overcome skills gap

Deploy enterprise-class infrastructure and dev toolset

Flexible Consumption

Procure using an OpEx model

Scale capacity on-demand

Simplify entitlement 

Subscription Model

• Supercharge productivity with admin services.

 Accelerate innovation with developer services.

 Transform on-premises infra with cloud integration.

A vSphere+ subscription allows organisations access to the latest VMware products on a flexible and cost-effective basis, providing many benefits over a perpetual licensing model.

Traditional perpetual licensing schemes are not aligned to modern business needs, leading to entitlement gaps or accidental end user licensing agreement (EULA) compliance violations.

Scalable to meet business needs, a one or three-year subscription allows businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest upgrades, add or remove licenses as required, and manage costs on an annual or monthly basis.

7 ways to optimise business IT infrastructure with VMware vSphere+

VMware vSphere+ Sparks Lexmark’s Multi‑Cloud Transformation

Request a call back from our VMware specialists to learn how to upgrade to vSphere+

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