What can VMware CSPs do for my business?

Discover the best VMware path for your business!

Every day, your business faces growing IT demands. As the IT environment transforms, central to this decision is how to deliver VMware platforms to increase efficiency, lower costs, and introduce technology enhancements to drive successful business outcomes.

There are over 350 VMware Cloud Service Providers in the UK alone. VMware Cloud specialists help IT teams find a VMware delivery solution to solve business challenges, including:

Reshaping IT expenditure models

 Strategically adopting cloud infrastructure

 Overcoming software asset inefficiencies

 Achieving IT flexibility and business responsiveness 

 Addressing the challenges of multi-cloud governance 

 Overcoming IT talent scarcity


Every business is different. We’re here to help yours discover the most appropriate VMware delivery model with our FREE, simple assessment. 

VMware CSP Delivery Solutions

VMware CSP offer several delivery solutions to help your business realise its full potential.

Unleash the benefits of VMware-as-a-Service (VMWaaS) 

VMWaaS is a licensing management service and consumption-based solution suited to customers planning, or with an existing multi-cloud strategy. 

Only pay for what you use

No more paying for licences sitting on shelves or deployed into powered-off servers. Instead, payment is based on the quantity of resources consumed at VM granular level.

Operational excellence

Supporting multiple customers enables a Cloud Service Provider to offer your organisation best practice based on end users’ challenges and experiences. 


Through flexible VMware metered licensing and an OpEx expenditure model based on a true Cloud Economics model.


Adopt new VMware technologies only when needed, allow improvements in time-to-market, lower exposure and project risk, while actively fostering IT innovation.

Financial efficiency

CSPs offer flexibility, with annual or monthly payments, and fixed or variable costs. Depending on your requirements, there’s a CSP available to offer support.

Unlock the power of VMware Hosted Environment (Cloud Service Provider IaaS)

Delivered by expert VMware Cloud Builders, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) utilises the latest VMware cloud technologies to help IT teams lead better business outcomes.

Self-Service. Using tools and technology your team are comfortable with ensures you retain control but allows improvements in time-to-market as seen in public cloud platforms.

Global Scale. The worldwide presence of VMware Cloud Service Providers, and the number of workloads supported, makes them one of the three largest hyperscalers!

Minimise change. Enable a seamlessly integrated platform experience and maintain efficient operations with hypervisor compatibility across your current data centre and into VMware Cloud Service Provider’s IaaS.

Customised cloud services. VMware’s Cloud Service Providers build and work with ISV’s to quickly address unique business challenges in your sector.

Lower TCO. CSP enables economies of scale usually seen on major hyperscaler platforms, aggregating hardware and software requirements for multiple customers across sectors.

Uncover your potential with hyperscale VMware (Public cloud) 

The possibilities of hybrid cloud transformation and native cloud services become a reality with VMware Cloud on AWS. Operational consistency is maintained while seamlessly extending private vSphere workloads to the AWS Cloud, unlocking new levels of agility, scalability and innovation. 

Lower costs while scaling your business globally. 

VMware Cloud on AWS enables you to leverage AWS’s global infrastructure to meet business demands without additional infrastructure costs.

Modernise workloads and increase innovation.

AWS offers over 200x cloud-native services and a portfolio of managed Kubernetes services to extend the value of your enterprise applications by integrating them, all on one platform.

Embrace energy-efficient solutions. 

VMware Cloud on AWS is powered by renewable energy sources, allowing you to deploy applications in 20 regions with multiple levels of redundancy to minimise downtime and meet sustainability objectives. 

Discover the best VMware path for your business!

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