Embrace Flexibility and Cloud-Driven Value with VMware Subscription

In today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape, financial pressures and the need for flexibility has driven enterprises towards consumption-driven purchasing models.

As a leading provider of virtualisation and cloud computing software, VMware has responded to these trends with a strategic move towards subscription-based and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings. The introduction of vSphere+ and vSAN+ enable VMware to provide customers with greater license flexibility, management simplicity and overall value across your business-critical infrastructure requirements.

Is VMware Subscription or SaaS right for your business?

The shift towards this new subscription model brings both commercial and technology benefits to your IT organisation, including:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The centralised management service brings cloud-powered enhancements to your on-premises infrastructure and allows improvements in IT governance all as part of an OpEx subscription-based model. Software asset lifecycle management becomes easier, allowing IT organisations to streamline processes and focus on optimising resource utilisation. 

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OpEx-based Consumption and Improved ROI 

Subscriptions enable organisations to shift their infrastructure costs from upfront capital investments to predictable operational expenses. This OpEx-based consumption model improves return on investment (ROI) from existing software investments while ensuring cost predictability and budget control. 

Attractive Upgrade Incentives 

VMware’s Subscription Upgrade Program (SUP) provides customers transitioning from perpetual to subscription licensing with attractive first-term incentives offering a significantly quick ROI on moving to subscription. This upgrade program facilitates the transition process and encourages customers to embrace the benefits of the subscription model. 

Same Reliable vSphere, New +Transformative Features

As more software vendors move to subscription models with faster updates, we see VMware following suit with Cloud Based vCenter management. By adopting a subscription model, customers can expect the same control, flexibility and simplicity they have come to appreciate with their current on-premises deployments. 

However, upgrading brings the simplified cloud access and management that comes with this subscription software, the same, but better. This enhancement to the existing vCenter management platform allows development and operations teams to allocate more resources, more effectively – building, running, managing, securing and protecting applications while also enabling better workload capacity management. This example of a new Subscription Only feature represents a key reason why VMware’s customers are adopting the new core-based model alongside a faster update cycle (Monthly Vs 6 Months).

Many organisations have already made the shift to an OpEx model when budgeting for their infrastructure, with VMware’s SaaS and subscription approaches it gives your organisation the ability to do this with VMware software. Transition is seamless and brings with it the advantages that come with VMware’s focus on multi-cloud deployments, coupled with a dedication to mitigating cloud chaos through a cloud-smart approach. All organisations benefit from:

Seamless Transition:

Customers who have previously purchased perpetual licences can seamlessly adjust to the subscription model by entering into a new licence agreement.

Flexible Subscription Options:

Subscriptions are offered on a 1, 3, or 5-year basis, providing maximum flexibility to customers based on their requirements and preferences.

Per-Core Licensing:

The standard approach for VMware products. The subscription model also includes a one-time SUP option for currently used cores, providing an incentive for customers transitioning from perpetual licensing. 

Cloud and On-Premises Licensing: 

VMware recognises the diverse needs of its customers so on-premises only licensing remains available for existing customers who prefer no Cloud-connectivity for all or part of their infrastructure.

Your business can be a subscription success story, too!

Simply take the assessment to discover if VMware subscription is right for you.

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