Unlock Flexibility and Cost Savings with NetApp’s AFF
C-Series Systems

Welcome to the future of storage solutions,

where flexibility meets cost-effectiveness.

NetApp’s AFF C-Series systems are designed to extend storage capacity by up to 80% while saving you up to 70% on storage costs through automated data tiering.

With NetApp AFF C-Series, you’ll benefit from:

Unparalleled speed and performance

Scalability for the future

Enhanced collaboration

Data protection and security

Seamless integration with cloud

Why choose NetApp?

With the industry’s most cloud-integrated, all-flash storage and unparalleled flexibility to support new flash technologies, NetApp makes it easy for you to leverage the latest innovations without disrupting your business operations.

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Which NetApp storage solution is right for you?

From mid-size operations and small enterprises requiring simplicity and best value, to more demanding, performance-driven workloads and mission-critical applications, there’s a NetApp storage solution fit for your needs:


AFF C-Series:

Sustainable, scalable, and secure flash storage solution that offers all the capacity you’ll ever need at a price point you’ll love. Experience unmatched performance without compromising on reliability.

  • 24 nodes Max Scale-out
  • Up to 182TB-7.4PB Raw Capacity
  • Up to 354PB Max Effective Capacity
  • 2U or 4U Controller Chassis Form Factor
  • Up to 1463W Power Consumption

AFF A-Series:

The perfect combination of award-winning speed, native cloud integration, and unrivaled security. Our AFF A-Series ensures seamless data management and access, empowering your business to thrive in the digital age.

  • 24 nodes Max Scale-out
  • Up to 5760 Max SSD
  • Up to 702.7 PB Effective Capacity
  • 2U, 4U or 8U Controller Chassis Form Factor
  • Up to 2450W Power Consumption

ASA SAN Storage:

SAN-optimized arrays with comprehensive data services and unparalleled cloud connectivity for any block workload. Trust our ASA SAN Storage solutions to deliver optimal performance and efficiency for your storage needs.

  • 12 nodes Max Scale-out
  • Up to 182TB-7.4PB Raw Capacity
  • Up to 176.8PB Effective Capacity
  • 2U or 4U Controller Chassis Form Factor
  • Up to 1463W Power Consumption

EF Series:

Priced in the mid-range but built to perform, our EF Series offers exceptional benefits. Experience reliability and speed without breaking the bank.

  • Up to 7.9PB Raw Capacity
  • 24SSDs Max drives in base controller enclosure
  • Up to 44GBps Max read bandwidth
  • Up to 13GBps Max write bandwidth

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